Tom Russell

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If Daddy Don't Sing Danny Boy (normal)

de Chris Gaffney Tribute: The Manof Somebody's Dreams


A Little Wind (Could Blow Me Away) (normal)

de A Case for Case: A Tribute to the Songs of Peter Case


If Daddy Don't Sing Daddy Boy (normal)

de The Man of Somebody's Dreams: A Tribute to the Songs of Chri


Can't Keep No Liquor

de Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 8, No. 10) Lost in the Works 3


St. Olav's Gate

de CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 1) First Anniversary



Tom Russell - The Rose of the San Joaquin & The Man from God Knows Where
Tom Russell - Mesabi
Mesabi Tom Russell 2011
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Tom Russell - Wounded Heart Of America
Tom Russell - Love & Fear
Love & Fear Tom Russell 2011